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The Westdale Children's School holds a number of annual events to celebrate the seasons.

At the end of September the children, their parents and the teachers meet at a local apple orchard for a Thursday morning hike and to pick apples. We then gather for a snack of bread and apple cider.

Parents and families of children and alumni of the school gather for the lantern walk one evening in early November at the Royal Botanical Garden trails in Westdale. In the two weeks leading up to the gathering, the children make lanterns at school. The evening begins with a snack of cookies and apple cider. All of the lanterns are lit as darkness arrives, and the group hikes and sings lantern songs.

Mother Earth visits the school in late November. The children collect seeds in the garden in the weeks preceeding the visit. The seeds are wrapped in cloth that the children have embroidered. The children each present a package to Mother Earth for her to care for them over the winter. In the spring, Mother Earth returns and presents the children with seedlings to take home.

The Merryberry Market is a community event held the last Friday in November. This is a parent-run fundraiser for the school.

In the evening of the first Sunday of Advent, families gather in the school's garden for the Advent spiral. Each child walks around a spiral wreath laid on the ground. The festival recognizes the diminishing light in nature and the period of anticipation leading up to Christmas or the Winter solstice.

One morning in early May, families gather to watch the children sing and dance around the Maypole and everyone shares a Maypole cake afterwards.

The Mayfair is a community event and parent-run fundraiser for the school that is held in late May at the Aviary in Westdale.

Families, alumni, and teachers gather at a local conservation authority facility for an afternoon hike and potluck meal in the spring.

Families and teachers gather for the year-end picnic at the Aviary in Wesdale.